Multimedia screen print by Kevin Harris for Palette Gallery

"Ye Auld Triangle" by Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a printmaker, textile designer, and watercolor artist based in Berkeley, California. His prints are often pattern-based focusing on overlapping, transparent color layers, textural surfaces, and forms, with a focus on abstract and elemental impressions of nature. An exploration of juxtaposition, Kevin’s prints present the harmony of disparate elements: organic and geometric, found and manufactured.

"Ye Auld Triangle is a song about an Irish prison made popular by The Pogues, (and Catpower). In this print the central imagery is imminent and interior, the rows of purple brush marks are like a wall. The warmer background can only be seen through small openings, or above." - KH

And the seagulls were wheeling high above the wall
And that auld triangle, went jingle jangle

Screen print on paper,  measures 33" x 25" with artist made alder frame.

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