Multimedia screen print by Kevin Harris for Palette Gallery

"The Visitor" by Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a printmaker, textile designer, and watercolor artist based in Berkeley, California. His prints are often pattern-based focusing on overlapping, transparent color layers, textural surfaces, and forms, with a focus on abstract and elemental impressions of nature. An exploration of juxtaposition, Kevin’s prints present the harmony of disparate elements: organic and geometric, found and manufactured.

"Painted with ink and brush, the central image in The Visitor is meant to represent an organic bundle, a cocoon? Something alive, a group of cells, biology maybe. Its round shape is an indication of its environment. In the background is a photograph of a desert vista, with sparse pine and hilly layers showing perspective, underneath is woodgrain. In my mind, this print might show three perspectives of an element, examined over time, and from alternative points of view. Possibly similar to a blow up illustration, the image zooms in to show a cellular perspective of a landscape." - KH

Screen print on paper, measures 33" x 25" with artist-made alder frame.

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