3D Crayon Octopus by Peter J. Hemsley

"The Remains of a Crayon" by Peter J. Hemsley

A chef by trade and an artist by passion, Peter J. Hemsley is the chef-proprietor of Palette. Food is a multifaceted creative medium for Peter- from penning his creations on paper, to his modern take on traditional fare and unique approach to plating- the entire process is a vibrant and evolving exploration.
"Inspired by drawings done with and for my children, the original drawing for this Octopus mosaic was completed with Crayola Crayons. The possibility for detail in Crayola is achieved only with a fresh crayons, as it is in its 'sharpest' format. This sharpness dissipates in a matter of seconds. A complex drawing such as this one left me with piles of unsharp crayons. The idea for this mosaic was drawn from the exercise of figuring out what to do with the remains of a crayon." -PJH
Crayons on maple board, 40" x 30"
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