Acrylic painting by Sharon Virtue for Palette Gallery

“Offering: Figs” by Sharon Virtue

Sharon Virtue is a British artist of mixed Jamaican and Irish heritage, currently living in Oakland California. She is a painter, dancer and ceramic artist, with many years of experience in community development. She has a strong social practice and has worked internationally, believing that artists are agents of transformation. Her mission is to inspire, encourage and provide access to the greater community in the creation of art. 

Inspired by the bountiful gifts of Mother Earth, this piece questions our gratitude of her offerings given the impending reality of global climate change. Juicy, jewel-like fruits are proffered by elegant hands that subtly drip with blood, evoking a sense of selfless sacrifice that serves as a reminder of the fragility of the hands that feed us and our duty to give back. In this spirit, a portion of the sales from this painting will be donated to East Bay charities The Edible School Yard and City Slickers Farms.

Acrylic on oval canvas, 16” x 20”

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