3D Crab Painting by Peter J. Hemsley

"Mid-Tide Epipelagic October" by Peter J. Hemsley

A chef by trade and an artist by passion, Peter J. Hemsley is the chef-proprietor of Palette. Food is a multifaceted creative medium for Peter- from penning his creations on paper, to his modern take on traditional fare and unique approach to plating- the entire process is a vibrant and evolving exploration.

"Inspired by the many beautiful products that enter my kitchen, Dungeness Crabs have always had their particular allure as bottom dwellers of the sublittoral sector of the Pacific Ocean. Using actual crab shells, my ambition with this painting is to convey the crowded and frenetic energy of groups of crabs as they are drawn from the ocean floor into fisherman's boats. The heavy impasto style of the painting has the intention of challenging the observer's senses, questioning which elements of the painting are shell or heavy paint." -PJH

Acrylic, resin, crab heads, 48" x 36"

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