Multimedia screen print by Kevin Harris for Palette Gallery

"Avawatz Mountain Burro" by Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a printmaker, textile designer, and watercolor artist based in Berkeley, California. His prints are often pattern-based focusing on overlapping, transparent color layers, textural surfaces, and forms, with a focus on abstract and elemental impressions of nature. An exploration of juxtaposition, Kevin’s prints present the harmony of disparate elements: organic and geometric, found and manufactured.

This piece is about hiking in a desert and sensing the idea of a spirit that unites all elements. The three layers of print show a loose watercolor mountainscape and scene, a photograph of a desert vista, and the background print of knitted texture. Elements interconnect, making beautiful and fascinating structures. They, like us, live and die, and in death create circumstances for new growth.

Screen print on paper, measures 33" x 25" with artist-made alder frame.

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